Departmental Accounts Payable Representatives

Accounts Payable has established designated contacts within each department for assistance with Accounts Payable transactions. These contacts facilitate the identification of workflow recipients for the ongoing Imaging initiative which will allow automated routing of various accounts payable transactions. These designated contacts are referenced as the "Departmental Accounts Payable Representatives". The role of the Department Accounts Payable Representative is to:

  • Contact point for communications regarding changes in business processes, deadlines, etc.  Departmental Business Managers will be copied on all communications as well.
  • Initiate Accounts Payable check requests.
  • Function as a liaison to staff members initiating the purchase.
  • Contact point for Accounts Payable staff members to assist with problem check requests.
  • Contact point for Accounts Payable staff members to assist with problem invoice resolution.
  • Problem invoice resolution may include the following:
    • Resubmitting a new Purchase Requisition to support an invoice that has no purchase order or an item is not included on the purchase order.
    • Submitting a requisition to increase the Purchase Order amount.
    • Performing goods receipt for products received.

The lists include Accounts Payable Representatives and their contact phone numbers, as well as the names of the department heads.

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