Accounts Payable Check Request

The Accounts Payable Check Request is used for payments on many types of services.

Check requests submitted to Accounts Payable for payment must be signed by the contact person on line number 11 of the check request. The check request must also be signed on line 12 by an authorized representative of the department. There must be two signatures on each AP check request to ensure effective internal controls.

Check requests submitted without the required signatures will not be processed until the appropriate approvals are obtained.

In order to ensure timely payment, please allow 5 to 10 business days for adequate processing time.

Exception requests will be reviewed and approved by the University Controller if sufficient rationale is provided by the department.

The General Accounting Procedures webpage is a very useful resource. It has all of the current GAPs, G/L account listing, forms, and other useful information.

Electronic Accounts Payable Check Request Initiative

The online Accounts Payable Check Request tool wasintroduced to all departments on June 3, 2013. Please review the information and training regarding this initiative.

Information for Independent Contractors

The Independent Contractor Checklist determines if an individual performing services for the University qualifies (per the IRS) as an Independent Contractor or must be paid as a Duke employee. Certain circumstances may require North Carolina withholding a percentage from payments.