Policy and Procedure

Mission: To assure patient safety, reduce risk, encourage standardization of patient care products optimize cost savings opportunities, and support innovative and quality patient care within Duke Medicine including Acute, Ambulatory, and Allied Health Services.

Purpose: To manage, evaluate, approve new product requests and trials and to optimize product and equipment utilization by evaluating and standardizing existing and new products which are pertinent to Duke Medicine Nursing Care and Allied Health Services.

Chair and Co-Chair: Assigned by Duke Medicine Nurse Executive Council Membership:

Core Team:

   Function and Purpose of Core Team:

  • Approve product specific to one area or entity (not Duke Medicine-wide)
  • Approve RFP process for products specific to one area or entity
  • Fast track products or trials
  • Identify and approve product substitutions when source of product is at risk
  • Analyze, review, and prepare for Large Team meeting

   Team Members

  • Education
  • DUHS Practice Council
    • CPC – DUH, DRAH
    • NPC - DRH
  • Administration
  • APN


  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Clinical Risk Management
  • Physician – Hospitalist
  • PDC
  • Clinical Engineering

     Ad Hoc: Include representation when applicable

  • Infection Control
  • PRMO
  • Finance
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • DHTS

   Frequency of Meetings:
   Monthly in advance of Large Team Meeting

   Out of Cycle meetings will be scheduled to review urgent or emergent and/or time sensitive requests for products or equipment that must be implemented in a time lanner due to regulatory or patient safety concerns

   Procurement and Supply Chain Conference Room

Large Team – Duke Medicine:

  Function and Purpose of Large Team:

  • Approve Duke Medicine-wide Evaluations of Patient Care Supplies and Equipment
  • Represent Specific Entity or Functional Requirements
  • Advise and Review Duke Medicine-wide Request for Proposal Processes for Patient Care Supplies
  • Promote Standardization where Appropriate
  • Receive information and updates from all PERT and Value Analysis Teams

  Team Members

  • Members of Core Team
  • Materials Management – DUH, DRH DRaH
  • Wound Care Council
  • Nursing Representation (DUH, DRH, DRaH, APN, DUAP, PDC, DHCH)
  • Clinical Lab
  • Pharmacy
  • Allied Health (Respiratory Therapy)
  • Patient Safety
  • Anesthesia

   Frequency of Meetings:

   Durham Regional Hospital

   Duke Medicine Nursing Executive Council

   Primary Clinical Champion:
  Duke Medicine Chief Nursing Officer


Policy and Procedure for Approval of Equipment and Supplies:
All requests for new patient care supplies and equipment must be approved by PERT – Patient Care Supplies and Equipment.

  1. Request Requirements:
    Requests must be submitted and supported by appropriate manager or designee.
  2. Criteria for approval by PERT
    1. Request promotes product standardization to streamline the supply chain without impacting current labor or cost of goods purchased.
    2. Request has quantifiable measurements to improve patient care and safety, and/or work processes
    3. Request for new product will replace an existing product without impacting the cost of goods purchased.
    4. Product is a duplicate of existing approved products
  1. Criteria for review by Nursing Executive Council (Health System-wide) CNO (Entity Specific).
    1. Request does not support standardization and/or impacts current labor or cost of goods purchased.
    2. Request is supported by PERT but the cost of product will increase annual operating costs by (TBD) – Need info from Finance. .

PERT Request, Review, and Approval Process:

  1. Obtain a copy of the New Product and Equipment Request form from Procurement’s website at www.procurement.duke.edu
  2. Complete section I. Incomplete request forms may delay the review process. Send via e-mail to ProductRequest at duke.edu
  3. E-mail message will serve as authorization to make request.
  4. The Requestor will be notified by e-mail that the request has been added to the agenda of the next PERT meeting. The requestor will be informed of the date so they can be in attendance to answer any questions the committee may have. Requestor’s attendance is not mandatory.
  5. Request is reviewed by PERT members.
  6. If appoved, PERT notifies the requestor and advises the Materials Management personnel of the approval.

Nurse Executive Council Review, and Approval Process:

  1. Nursing Council reviews request and all supporting documentation, including financial analysis (See Criteria set ‘C’ above)
  2. Chair and Co-Chair of Product Review and Equipment Team will notify requestor of approval status.