For Purchasers

Why Buy Green?

  • To prevent pollution.
    We can protect the quality of our surroundings for generations to come. Our air and water quality directly impact human health, and environmental stewardship protects our community.
  • To conserve resources.
    By conserving resources, we protect the regenerative capacity of our environment.
  • To encourage responsible business.
    When we purchase responsibly, we encourage businesses to purchase responsibly as well. Demand for environmentally sensitive products is a key factor in availability and pricing.
  • To join with others.
    By choosing low impact products and services, we partner with a large community of environmentally conscious.
  • To close the loop. 
    Green purchasing takes into account the cost of a product through its full life cycle, from the manufacturing to disposal of the product.
  • To reduce costs.
    By optimizing the supply chain, avoiding waste, and conserving resources, we can avoid often unnecessary costs.