Green Purchasing

Duke Carbon Offsets Available for Purchase

Departments or individuals wishing to make a purchase of offsets to neutralize any emissions that cannot be avoided are directed to purchase offsets through the Duke Carbon Offsets Iniative.  For additional information about supporting sustainable projects through carbon offset purchases, read the recent article in Duke Today

Conflict Materials Statement

Duke University recognizes the humanitarian crisis in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo by supporting the movement towards conflict-free electronic products.  The university encourages electronics companies with whom we do business to move towards a trace/audit/certify supply chain business model.  Our purchasers may take this issue into consideration, giving preference to vendors who have made a commitment to conflict-free supply chains when quality and cost performance are equal or superior.  Please contact Duke Procurement for more information.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guidelines

The Duke Green Purchasing Program helps Duke purchasers and employees make environmentally responsible choices. By conserving resources, preventing pollution, and opting for safe materials, we can make a positive impact on our environment and community.  Our purchasers take into consideration the impact of products on the environment and human health, giving preference to more environmentally friendly products when quality and cost performance are equal or superior. 

See Duke's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guidelines for additional information on responsible purchasing.

Conserve Our Green

Staples Advantage and Duke continue to partner together to lower our office supply costs and our impact on the environment.  Duke University Health System departments access the Duke contract pricing through the on-line ordering system on the Staples Advantage website using their 16 digit charge code.  Duke University departments access the Duke contract pricing through the buy@duke marketplace.  Be sure to look out for:

  • Recycled paper and environmentally friendly shopping lists have been created to guide Duke purchasers
  • Compare Hewlett Packard toner cartridges with remanufactured toner cartridges for best pricing
  • Recycle all brands of toner cartridges through Staples; click here for instructions
  • For additional tips to green your office, email:

You may also view the Energy Star Guide, our Guidelines for Office Supply Purchasing or download the “Conserve our Green” Poster.