Mission Statement

Duke partners with vendors and organizations who share our commitment to diversity.  We strengthen our local community by promoting the development of small, woman-owned, minority and historically underutilized businesses.

Program Overview

The Duke Supplier Diversity Program began as the Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) program in 1984.

Recently, the program has evolved to more closely reflect the broad diversity of our local community and to become more inclusive for the variety of locally relevant businesses that encounter obstacles to market entry, customer access, and financial growth. These include small businesses as well as those owned and operated by minorities, women and veterans.

Primary Activities

  • Match diverse suppliers with Duke buyers
  • Track and report relevant purchasing patterns
  • Promote the use of diverse suppliers within the Duke community
  • Educate suppliers as to Duke's bond, liability, and bid requirements
  • Maintain a contact database of diverse suppliers
  • Share high performing suppliers with other businesses and organizations
  • Ensure that diverse suppliers are included in the competitive bidding process

Program Objectives

•    Increase annual spend with minority and woman-owned vendors through first and
      second tier opportunities and increase reporting capabilities
•    Communicate areas of opportunities to diverse suppliers
•    Increase count of minority and woman-owned vendors  
•    Identify Duke resources to promote and enable diverse suppliers in the local area
•    Increase annual spend with local vendors
•    Award contracts to first tier vendors with robust and proven supplier diversity programs
•    Spotlight diverse vendors on Supplier Diversity webpage
•    Connect diverse vendors with buyers and potential opportunities
•    Sponsor supplier diversity outreach event in collaboration with the Institute and CVMSDC
•    Engage sourcing and contracting teams in local and regional events to attract new 
      suppliers to Duke
•    Track and disseminate participation reports quarterly
•    Act as resource to departments for spend analytics and suggest diverse vendors to use
•    Maintain robust website containing accessible information and tools for MWBEs and the
      Duke community
•    Provide ongoing training to Procurement staff, Business Managers, leadership and
      administrative staff

Key Components

  • Leadership Commitment - Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • The Supplier Diversity Office
    • Works with local and regional trade organizations to interface with potential suppliers to gather and share information
    • Promotes the program benefits within the Duke community
    • Provides guidance and direction regarding diverse supplier utilization
  • The Supplier Diversity Advisory Committee, composed of members from across Duke University and Health System, assesses and shares program efforts.

Rationale & Background

A commitment to Supplier Diversity brings financial, operational, and cultural value to our institution. We benefit from the expertise, innovation, and flexibility of businesses in historically underutilized categories. We benefit from open, competitive bidding for business. We benefit from a connected and growing local economy.

The Supplier Diversity program began as recognition that business ownership is a key factor in social and financial security and that minorities and women are underrepresented among business owners.

The lasting impacts of historical pressures have resulted in an uneven playing field for some businesses with resulting systemic barriers which impact market entry, customer access, and financial growth.

Creating true equity of access and opportunity must be an active and strategic process. The Supplier Diversity Program works to build this process so that underutilized business sectors compete on a fair and open field.