Training for Non-compensatory iForms Initiators



Non-compensatory iForms – On-demand Video Series

Duke students receiving payments for scholarships, fellowships, or educational enrichment programs during the summer along with Postdoctoral Scholars, receive payments through Duke's Non-compensatory Payment System. All transactions related is paying these recipients are controlled through Non-compensatory iForms. This on-demand video series demonstrates how to perform a variety of Non-comp iForms transactions. To create a truly interactive learning experience, learners are encouraged to watch a video, pause the video, then complete the steps viewed using a transaction in the production environment.

The online videos listed below can be accessed in Duke's Learning Management System (LMS) using the links below or by following the instructions in the related materials section. The LMS is accessible by using the Duke@Work portal and accessing the My Career > My Learning tab.
* : Requires valid, pre-specified IP address, affiliation or NetID.
~ : Located outside of the domain.