Submitting Time Reports

Biweekly Time Reporting – Primary Positions

Staff in hourly-paid (non-exempt) positions are required to accurately report time worked based upon departmental deadlines in their department’s time reporting system.  The vast majority of Duke University employee use either Electronic Time Reporting accessed through Duke@Work or ReportXpress to record hours to be paid.  Duke University Health System uses ReportXpress to record hours to be paid.

Regardless of the input method, biweekly employees are responsible for recording time worked on a daily basis and for submitting time based upon the department schedule.

Electronic Time Reports

Employees using the electronic time reporting system can access their time cards using the My Time tab of Duke@Work.  Employee record hours throughout the pay period, certify time on the last day to be paid for the pay period, and submit time to be approved.  Time cards work flow to the appropriate approver.  Once approved, the time report is electronically submitted to Corporate Payroll Services for processing.

Time reports are visible to Department Payroll Representatives throughout the pay period and reporting functionality allows departments to monitor and manage time report submission.

An on-line training video is available for those unfamiliar with the tool.

Electronic Time & Attendance System: ReportXpress

DUHS employees and some University employees report their time and attendance through an electronic system called Time & Attendance, a software that electronically distributes and routes employee time card reports, thus eliminating the need for printed time cards.

Since information is conveyed in real time, supervisors have access to time card information as the activity occurs and can use ReportXpress to view and/or edit employees' time card reports throughout the pay period. In addition, some supervisors will be designated to approve the time card reports at the end of a pay period using ReportXpress.

Employee time and attendance information is collected through three input options:

  • Badge Readers (swipe)
  • TimeCall (telephone)
  • TimePC (web)

To learn more about the Time & Attendance system or to log-in, visit the Time & Attendance website.

Printed Time Cards

Duke Temporary Services and a few other university departments still require biweekly-paid staff to paper time cards for their time and attendance.  Paper time reports are also required in instances where an electronic time report (through Duke@Work or ReportXpress) cannot or is not submitted prior to the systems locking down for a pay period.  Specific instructions for submitting primary time reports (white time cards) can be found in GAP 101.52, Time Reports - Primary Time Report Payroll Personnel System.

Biweekly Time Reporting – Secondary Positions

Employees working secondary positions at Duke University or Duke University Health System are required to submit beige paper time reports for all hours worked in accordance with GAP 101.53, Time Reports - Secondary .  For more information about secondary position eligibility and establishing a position, review GAP 101.2, Staff Changes focusing on Section VII of the GAP.

Electronic Time Reports for Monthly Paid Employees

Beginning August 1, monthly paid university employees will be able to access the online time off tracking tool through Duke@Work, the self-service website at Duke. The information is accessed through the "MyTime" tab.

Information about policies regarding accrual and use of vacation, sick and leave time is available on the Duke Human Resources website.