Departmental Payroll Representatives/Department Heads

Assigned by payroll area, Department Payroll Representatives play a critical role in payroll processes throughout Duke University and Duke University Health System. The role of the Department Payroll Representative is to:

  • Function as the liaison between the Corporate Payroll Services team and the employee.
  • Understand and administer Duke University and/or Health System pay policies and compliance requirements.
  • Initiate master data and payment transactions for employees.
  • Review/maintain reports and data generated by Corporate Payroll Services to ensure accurate and timely payments.
  • Maintain Employee to Supervisor relationships to support time reporting, performance management and other processes.

The lists include payroll representatives and their contact phone numbers, as well as the names of the department heads.

List Views

Change Request

  • Request Change to Departmental Payroll Contacts List
    This form may be used to update contact information for a Departmental Payroll Representative, a Department Head, or a Business Manager.  This form may also be used to establish a new organizational key or change the department name associated with an existing organizational key.