Service Types and Service Categories

The service type/service category must be assigned on all payments issued through the payroll system in order to properly expense payments on Duke’s General Ledger (G/L). The first two digits are considered the service type and define the expense as a salary expense (60) or a non-compensatory payment (63 or 62). The second two digits are considered the service category and describe the type of activity being performed to generate the payment.

Within Duke University, departments must indicate the service type/service category for all compensatory and non-compensatory payments. Within Duke University Health System, the payroll system, SAP, determines the appropriate service type/service category based upon the type of earnings the payment represents.

Detailed information of G/L account definitions can be found in Duke’s General Accounting Procedures. For questions regarding which service type/service category is suitable for a specific payment, contact the department business or finance manager, the appropriate management center, or the grant manager responsible for the funding source impacted.