Education Codes
Code that describes the level and/or type of education received by the employee.  This code is updated using the Personal Data Change iForm.

Employee Groups & Sub-Groups
Two of the critical attributes associated with positions in SAP.  The employee group and employee sub-group associated with a position determine benefits eligibility based upon work schedule and the eligibility for premium pay, respectively.

Fringe Benefit Rates
The actual costs of fringe benefits are allocated with each payroll, using the 61XXXX General Ledger account , based on predetermined percentages applied to actual payroll expense. The percentages used to allocate the cost of fringe benefits are the fringe benefit rates.

Minutes to Tenths of an Hour Conversion Chart
Chart used to convert minutes to the appropriate tenths of an hour for recording time in the electronic time reporting system and paper time reports.

Overtime Options
Duke University and Duke University Health System have three overtime options into which all biweekly (non-exempt) positions are classified.  Overtime is calculated based upon the option identified for the position.

Pay Adjustments
Formulas used to calculate adjustments to pay. 

Payroll GAPs
General Accounting Procedures (GAPs) that define Duke standards for executing payroll transactions in accordance with federal and state compliance requirements.

Pay Schedules
Access to critical schedules, deadlines, and dates pertinent to payroll at Duke University and Duke University Health System.

Personnel Areas and Subareas
Two of the critical attributes associated with positions in SAP. The Personnel Area indicates the area within each company to which the position is assigned. The Personnel Subarea identifies the employee type associated with the position. 

Service Types and Categories
"Service Types" and "Service Categories" are designated coding structures used to appropriately expense payments for salaries, wages, and non-compensatory payments on Duke’s General Ledger. This coding structure is often referenced as the G/L account.

Wage Types
Coding system used to define a type of payment or deduction on a pay statement.  Wage types can be itemized on a pay statement to assist payees in understanding individual components of gross pay and deductions.