Biweekly Overtime Report

The printed version of the Biweekly Overtime Report that is normally included with the checks and vouchers and distributed the last pay date of each month will be discontinued effective with the 02-2 Biweekly pay period (ending February 4, 2007). An online version is now available as a replacement. Departmental business managers and/or departmental payroll representatives with security authorization for HR display will be able to run this transaction in SAP (ZH409) for specified organizational units. Please note the current report is based on the organizational key. The new report is based on the organizational unit. Detailed instructions for creating the report and information on the report content are available on the Corporate Payroll Services website.

This change was initiated in response to your requests for additional capability to produce departmental payroll reports as needed. We hope this transaction will provide flexibility and convenience in meeting your operational demands. Please contact our office at (919) 684-2642 if you have any questions.