Address Guidelines for Entering Information into SAP

Permanent US (Home) address should be formatted as follows:

Address line 1: 4214 Amesbury Ln
Address line 2: Apt 21B (or leave blank)
City/county: Durham
State/zip: NC 27713

The employee’s home address is required in this area.  It is not acceptable to use a check (campus) address in this area.  If a new employee has not established a permanent residence in this area, please ask for the address of a close relative (parent, child) who will be able to forward important mail to the employee in the event of his/her termination.

Editorial Guidelines

Please make every effort to use standard names and abbreviations in your addresses, including official building names.  Do not use any type of punctuation in the address fields (comma, hyphen, ! ,@, #, $, %, ^, &, *, -, /, _ ). Attached are copies of some editorial guidelines for accepted abbreviations and state abbreviations.