Policies & Procedures

Corporate Payroll Services is responsible for designing, communicating and enforcing a variety of different policies and procedures impacting operational and transactional components of payroll.

Operational Policies and Procedures

Operational policies and procedures govern the business standards that all departments use when managing payroll issues in their department. These policies and procedures ensure that Corporate Payroll Services is consistent in handling interactions with our customer base. Current operational policies and procedures include the following:

Transactional Policies and Procedures

Transactional policies and procures govern departmental transactions impacting how employees are paid and the payroll information contained in the payroll system. Examples of these transactions include terminations, time report submission, hires, rate and schedule changes, etc. These policies and procures can be found in Duke's General Accounting Procedures found on the Financial Services website.

Guidelines and Tools

Guidelines for performing a variety of payroll transactions and for accessing a variety of information are communicated by Corporate Payroll Services through broadcast communications using the Payroll Representative list serve and through training classes.