Terminations of Existing Non-compensatory Payments

When the non-compensatory recipient should no longer be receiving funds, complete the Non-compensatory Termination Form.

Please keep in mind...

  • Read the termination form carefully before completing.
  • The non-compensatory termination form should not be used to impact payments.  It should only be used to change the non-compensatory recipient's status from "active" to "inactive" in the non-compensatory payment system.  If the recipient is scheduled to receive future payments that should not be paid, complete a non-compensatory change form to delimit the payments.  (An individual may be receiving payments from another area and cannot be terminated.)
  • It is important to complete in a timely fashion.
  • The form should be completed the month after a recipient has received his/her last payment.
  • Do not record any information in "Last Day Worked Field".
  • Ensure that you complete the last day paid field.
  • Non-compensatory recipient Duke Unique Identification numbers should always begin with “90”.