Payment Requirements

Rules for submitting non-compensatory payment requests:

  1. No individuals who are employees can receive Non-compensatory payments.
    • Exceptions include student employees receiving scholarship/fellowship payments while also working a separate job on the regular payroll or Post Doc Scholars who are on a zero rate of pay on the regular payroll and receiving Post Doc stipend payments through the Non-compensatory Payment System.
  2. Payments exceeding $7,500 require additional documentation justifying the amount.  For any month in which a noncomp recipient receives total payments exceeding $7,500, a reason should be included to explain and verify that the amount is correct and it does not represent compensation.  Documentation should include specific student activities and/or reason for payment. 
  3. Payment requests charged to 3X1 or 4XX cost objects require backup documentation (e.g. award letters) that clearly explain use of the cost object and activities of the student.  Rather than a statement that the student is not performing work or services, the documentation should explain the student activities in order for Corporate Payroll Services to make an educated determination that the payments in no way qualify as compensatory.
  4. Non-compensatory payments can never be charged to 15x or 303 cost objects.
  5. Payment request forms should be reviewed for accuracy by the preparer and authorizer before submitting to Payroll Services to be processed.
  6. Payment requests should be received by Corporate Payroll Services by the stated deadlines as indicated in the schedule.