New Recipient

To establish a new recipient of a non-compensatory payment:

  1. Complete the Non-compensatory Payment Form.
  2. If the individual elects to have tax withholdings, complete Forms W-4 and NC-4.
  3. If the recipient is a foreign national, ensure the recipient has visited Duke Visa Services for immigration clearance. Additionally, they will need to complete the Foreign National Form. I-9 forms are not appropriate for non-compensatory recipients. Visa classifications must be eligible for non-compensatory payments issued to foreign nationals.

    Please note: H-1B and TN visa holders are not eligible for non-compensatory payments.

  4. Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Please keep in mind...

  • If a person is new to your area, but not a new recipient, complete the non-compensatory change form, not the new recipient form.
  • You must include SSN or ITIN on the form.
    • Please note: Checks and vouchers will be held by Corporate Payroll Services at 705 Broad Street after the first payment if no SSN or ITIN is recorded. If the payee is scheduled to receive one payment only, no payments will be issued without the SSN or ITIN.
  • To confirm residency status, check appropriate box.
  • The Campus address must be the department address.
  • The home address must be a US address.
  • Documentation must be attached for 3X1 or 4XX codes.