Changes to Existing Non-compensatory Payments

To change payment amounts, payment dates, organizational keys, funding sources, add a recurring or one-time payment, or to stop an existing payment, complete the Non-compensatory Change Form.

Please keep in mind...

  • Verify beginning and ending dates to ensure there are no overpayments or underpayments.
  • List the correct DUID number. Non-compensatory DUID numbers begin with a 90 and should be no more than 8 digits.
  • Noncomp payments occur once a month.  If you need to change a payment amount to reflect a partial month, stop the payment at the end of the month preceding the last payment. On the same change form, set up a one-time payment for the prorated amount.
  • Prorated amounts should be calculated by the department payroll representative. To prorate non-compensatory payments, divide the total amount of the payment by 30.  Multiple the result by the number of calendar days to be paid in the month.  The result is the amount of the prorated payment.
  • Non-compensatory payments cannot be set up retroactively.  If you need to make a payment for a prior month, submit the payment form in the current month and use the “one-time payment” section of the form to issue the payment.
  • To change home address or personal information, fill out a Personal Data Change Form.