Non-compensatory Payments

Non-compensatory payments are payments Duke University makes to individuals who are receiving payments for scholarships, fellowships, educational enrichment opportunities requiring no services, or post-doctoral training activities.   Recipients should not have a work requirement nor provide any type of service for or on behalf of Duke University.  Individuals receiving these payments are not Duke employees, but are receiving funds through Duke University for educational enrichment opportunities.  *Please note:  Non-compensatory payments are not applicable to Duke University Health System individuals and may not be funded by a Duke University Health System funding source.

Payments are issued on a monthly basis in conjunction with the last business day of the calendar month except otherwise noted on the non-compensatory payment schedule. Non-compensatory recipients are eligible and are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.  Direct deposit vouchers for the non-compensatory payment system are gray and live checks are salmon (orange).

In the event that an individual is receiving both compensatory and non-compensatory payments simultaneously, the individual will have two records in Duke University’s personnel system.   Each payment (compensatory and non-compensatory) is treated differently and must be issued in compliance with different guidelines.  Non-compensatory recipients do not have access to Duke's employee self-service tool, Duke@Work, for their non-compensatory payment.  All changes to direct deposit, address, W-4 tax withholdings and NC-4 tax withholdings must be completed by submitting paper forms to Corporate Payroll Services via the non-compensatory payment schedule.