Time and Attendance Update

We would like to share some changes in process for the Time and Attendance system.

Family Medical Leave Dates
The Corporate Payroll team has a procedure in place to process Leave of Absence forms as they are received. This supports a more timely update to the appropriate systems and assures having the necessary documentation on file.  As a result, effective April 4, 2016, Corporate Payroll Services will no longer accept email requests sent to the Time and Attendance inbox to add an FMLA date to the system.  Any leave forms received after the final download into API will be keyed into SAP, and the FMLA date will be entered into the Time and Attendance system through Monday night after a pay period close.

FMLA exceptions notifications
For your convenience, the FMLA Exceptions Report can be run several times during the pay period and provides information on any FMLA discrepancies to assure all employees are paid appropriately.  This report can be found in the Time and Attendance system under the Reports icon, in the Custom Reports section and should be used to take the necessary action on the errors received.  Since the report is available on demand, Corporate Payroll Services will discontinue the practice of sending email notifications of FMLA time card exceptions to department payroll representatives. 

Request Change Form:
The form to request changes in the Time and Attendance system has been modified.  The section for FMLA has been removed.  A new section has been added to support requests for adjusting monthly employee PTO balances.

If you have specific questions related to these messages, please email us at Time-Attendance at duke.edu. We appreciate your support.