Non-compensatory iForms Initiative Complete

We are very excited to announce that the implementation of the Non-compensatory (Noncomp) iForms process is complete. This initiative provides the opportunity to process all payments for eligible Non-compensatory Payment recipients through the Duke@Work portal. A separate Noncomp iForm tab is available for those staff members who have the designated access. Security roles have been assigned based upon input from business managers or other departmental administrators.

New Process

  • Three new iForms have been introduced to accommodate new, changes, and discontinuation of payments.
  • Online edits have been incorporated to minimize errors, rework, and delay.
  • Additional data has been added to identify the type of recipient: undergraduate, graduate and Post Doctoral Scholar designations.
  • The tool is now fully integrated with the Student Information System (SISS) which enables confirmation of student status.
  • In the event the undergraduate or graduate student or the Post Doctoral Scholar is already on the biweekly or monthly payrolls, basic data will be defaulted from the employee record. Examples include: Name, Social Security Number, Birthdate, Citizenship and Visa Data for Internationals.
  • Reports for Departmental Payroll Representatives are available through the Duke@Work portal, using the Noncomp iForms tab.
  • Business managers have been granted security rights to Noncomp Reports, using the Business Manager tab.
  • In support of better transparency for student payments, since the students interact with multiple departments, the new security role provides access to all students and is not restricted by org unit.
  • The Noncomp iForms role provides authorization to Noncomp recipients only and does not include access to biweekly and monthly employees.
  • The complete list for funding sources and approved programs will be posted to the Corporate Payroll Services web site as of Friday, July 10, 2015.

Please note that no functionality will be available for the Non-compensatory recipients through the Duke@Work portal. Since these individuals are non-employees, they are not eligible for the Duke@Work Employee Self Service options. Pay statements, Direct Deposit and Tax Forms will remain on paper.

Existing Transactions

  • All master data and corresponding payments, including future dated transactions, have been converted to the Duke@Work portal.
  • The paper reports that are currently distributed with Noncomp checks and vouchers will be discontinued effective August 1, 2015. New reports through the Duke@Work portal replace the paper reports.
  • All current approved programs have been loaded into the portal. Requests for new programs will be handled using a new process. This information will be communicated in a separate update next week.

Action by Departments

  • Noncomp Payroll Representatives should take this opportunity to review data in the new format.
  • Noncomp Payroll Representatives and applicable business managers should run the master data reports to ensure the appropriate security roles are in place.

Training Updates

Staff members who have July payments have attended training sessions hosted in June. Additional training sessions have been scheduled for July and August. Departmental representatives who have access to the tool and would like to attend training may do so by registering through the links to the Learning Management System (LMS) below. If individuals prefer using the online training materials, they do not need to attend onsite training sessions.

Online training materials are as follows:

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Corporate Payroll Services team by email at payroll at or by phone at 684-2642.

We appreciate your partnership and support as we continue to introduce technology initiatives and business process enhancements.