Graduate Student Payments Policy/Procedure

In our efforts to support efficiencies related to Graduate Student Payments, we have partnered with our colleagues within Financial Services and Legal Counsel to develop a streamlined policy/procedure to support all types of payments for Graduate Students. In addition, we have reviewed the policy with designated student representatives from the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC), as well as the Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty (ECGF). Recommended edits from these groups were incorporated.

The design of this policy/procedure is intended to:

  • establish a consistent method for handling payments to Graduate Students.
  • assist students with their understanding of when and why certain types of payments are taxed or not taxed.
  • provide a guide and reference tool for students and faculty as they develop programs.
  • provide clarification on the types of payments which students receive, along with the corresponding reporting requirements.

This policy provides a breakdown of the types of payments graduate students receive and the tax implications of these various sources of funds. Since the awards are issued to the individual students, we were unable to change the reporting requirements; however, we were able to provide possible options for the set-up of grants and to enhance the overall understanding for students.

Please review the policy. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Graduate School at grad-finaid at We appreciate your partnership and support as we continue to streamline business processes.