Update on FML Paycodes, Forms and Reports

Recent changes and updates to the Time and Attendance system are detailed below.  We hope these enhancements will assist you with managing the time and attendance process for your employees.

New Paycodes for Family Medical Leave

Requests from the Health System and Employee and Occupational Health Office have resulted in the creation of new paycodes for unscheduled family medical leave.  The policy and procedure for use of these codes will be communicated by your HR entity.  They are listed by Benefit Plan and will be available July 8, 2013.

Paid Time Off Benefit Plan:

FMLSTUS – Family Leave Unscheduled STB
FMLLTUS – Family Leave Unscheduled LTB
FMLCBUS – Family Leave Unscheduled COB
FMLUPUS – Family Leave Unscheduled Unpaid

Vacation/Sick Benefit Plan:

FMLSUS – Family Leave Unscheduled Sick
FMLSHUS – Family Leave Unscheduled Discretionary Holiday
FMLVUS – Family Leave Unscheduled Vacation
FMLUPUS – Family Leave Unscheduled Unpaid

Revised Forms

The Time and Attendance Permission form and Request form to request changes to badge numbers, lunch periods, etc have been revised and are now available for use.  These revisions incorporate the data elements that are now necessary to make requested additions or adjustments to roles in the Time and Attendance system. Drop down tables for specific fields are provided to assist in completing the form correctly. We hope you will find the forms more user friendly.

New Reports

New audit reports are now available for your use and are listed below.  These reports reflect the detail associated with edits made to employee clockings, calendar entries and other master data changes.  They are located in the Audit Section of the Reports tab in the Time and Attendance system.

Edits Made to Supervisor’s Employees
Edits Made by Supervisor
Employee Audit Report
Employee Audit Report Archive

If you have any questions, please contact Corporate Payroll Services at 684-2642 or via email.  We appreciate your continuing support.