Collecting Accrued Vacation Balances for Exempt Staff

As part of the rollout of the Exempt Time Off tracking tool, we now need to begin the next steps of collecting current time off balances for monthly-paid staff and assigning approvers, if those relationships are not already established.

Collecting and Uploading Balances

Departments must collect current balances of vacation, sick time, and discretionary holidays for their monthly-paid staff (does not include faculty) so the data can be uploaded to Duke@Work.

Please coordinate within your department to collect and verify the accrued balances for exempt staff as of July 31, 2013.  This data can be uploaded to Duke@Work using the instructions in the link above.  The data can be uploaded any time after July 31, but it must be uploaded by the deadline of August 9.

Assigning Approvers

In addition, departments must assign supervisors/designees to approve the monthly time off records.  Many of you may have completed the assignment of the approvers previously. Instructions can be found on our policies webpage (pdf).

You may begin this process at any time. Please plan to complete the process for assigning approvers by July 31.

In August, all monthly-paid staff will be able to view their time-off balances under the MyTime section of Duke@Work.  If there are any discrepancies in time-off balances, staff members should contact their Department Payroll Representative.  In the event adjustments are needed, the Department Payroll Representatives should contact Corporate Payroll Services at payroll at

A series of training classes have also been scheduled in July to assist you with managing the business processes to support the transition to Exempt Time Off Tracking.  Please register for one of the sessions from our training webpage.

We appreciate your partnership and support with this initiative.