Time and Attendance Reports

In our efforts to accommodate requests for additional reports as well as enhancements to existing reports, we have partnered with the HR Entity leaders to identify necessary changes.  Our colleagues in Administrative Systems Management have made the necessary revisions.  As a result, a number of reports have been updated to reflect the new information.  The list of reports is included below.

Report Revisions:

A date range to include beginning and ending dates has been added.  Payroll area selection options are included as well.  As a reminder, the beginning date should be recorded as the go live date of October 8, 2012.

  • Hours Worked versus Approved Hours
  • Inactive Employees with Hours – includes employees with both inactive and withdrawn statuses
  • Supervisor Hours Worked versus Approved Hours
  • Supervisor Inactive Employees with Hours
  • Multiple Pay Codes
  • Supervisor Multiple Pay Codes

Reports published to additional groups:

  • Supervisor Employee Benefit Balance Summary – this report includes a list of benefit balances for all employees assigned to the supervisor
  • Multiple Pay Codes (using “OR” condition)
  • Supervisor Multiple Pay Codes (using “OR” condition)

Newly developed reports:

  • Employee without hours (Zero hours)
  • Supervisor Employee without hours (Zero Hours)

We appreciate your support as we continue to provide enhancements to the time and attendance process.  If you have any questions or need additional information, you may email time-attendance at duke.edu or contact the Corporate Payroll Services team at 919-684-2642.