Revised Leave of Absence Form

Based upon customer feedback, Corporate Payroll Services has two significant changes to the Payroll Leave of Absence Form.  The form is now in an Excel format.  Excel allows drop-down selections to be used for several data fields and allows instructions to be imbedded within the form.

The data fields required to complete the leave period have been modified.  When a leave period is created, departments will now be asked to provide the “Begin Date”, “End Date” and “Return Date” of the leave.  The “Begin Date” is the first day of the leave, the “End Date” is the last day the person is on leave, and the “Return Date” is the first day the person is back at work following the leave period.

The revised form is now available in the Forms section of the website.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at (919) 684-2642.