Workflow Status Reporting

February 21, 2014

We are pleased to announce the introduction of two new reports to help you manage your SAP transaction workflows.

These new reports show information for open workflows by Organizational Unit, including the identity of the current approver(s) for the transaction, and how many days the transaction has been with the current approver(s).

Workflow Status Report

This includes open workflows for AP Check Requests, eRA Rebudget/CAS, Accounts Receivable, Online Expense Reports (Employee Travel), and Journal Vouchers (JVs).  These transactions are not restricted by Organizational Unit.

Accounts Payable Problem Invoices and Buy@Duke Shopping Carts workflows will be added to the report in a few weeks.

iForms Workflow Status Report

The iForms Workflow Status report includes open workflows for iForms and dFac.  These transactions are restricted to the user’s Organizational Unit(s).

The reports are available in Duke@Work under the Finance and iForms tabs respectively.

  • Duke@Work > Finance > Financial Reports > Workflow Status > Reporting > Workflow Status Report
  • Duke@Work > iFormsàReporting > Forms Workflow Status Reporting > iForms Workflow Status Report

Steps-by-step guides for executing, navigating, and exporting each of these reports are located in the same folders as the reports.

If you need additional assistance, the Workflow Status Ask for Help link will assist you in creating a Support@Duke ticket which will automatically route to the correct group.