Users Help Enhance New Buy@Duke Purchasing Tool

November 7, 2011


Duke has recently introduced a number of enhancements to the Buy@Duke e-procurement tool after feedback from pilot participants.             

Currently, five departments and 300 users are using the new e-procurement tool designed to simplify the ordering process at Duke. After several months of using the tool, users have helped identify a number of improvements that can help make it more effective for others as implementation begins to expand to other departments.

The enhancements include the following:

Shopping CartAdding Internal Notes to Shopping Carts

Internal notes can now be entered on the shopping cart through the Set Values if multiple items need the same internal note.  The information entered in the Set Value will populate to the shopping cart, and in turn, attach to the Purchase Order within SAP  (Reminder, internal note information will not appear on the Purchase Order that is submitted to the vendor).

Personal Value ListCreating ‘Personal Value List'

Users can create and use Personal Value List (PVL) in Buy@Duke to more efficiently manage their most frequently used grant codes, suppliers, etc. for easy access. The PVL can be used to develop a quick reference for different values such as Cost Center, WBS (grant codes), GL account, Material Group, or Supplier. PVL entries can be added using the Personalization tab under Buy@Duke or through Standard Search.

New Shopping Cart Features

Shopping Cart

The Buy@Duke shopping cart has been enhanced with several new features, including the ability for users to add views such as "Needs Approval," "Processed," and "Saved," to show the shopping cart status. Users will also find a new tab for carts created for team use (My Carts - for Team), and an additional tab for carts produced by other team members (Team Carts). to segregate any team carts for the single user list. A link has also been added to all tab views to allow users to quickly access and maintain selection criteria. Users may also notice that the shopping cart will refresh automatically upon accessing Buy@Duke or when moving from tab to tab.

Other Enhancements:

Shopping Cart

  • Create Shopping Cart: removed unused selection from the add item options
  • Shopping Cart Change All Button: new choices to Change All for Room, Goods Recipient, Accounting Information (change all will replicate information from first line of shopping cart to all other line items)
  • Supplier information appears in the item overview of shopping carts
  • Same supplier number entered on free text item following Catalog Item will populate the shopping cart appropriately
  • Users can enter the supplier number from the item overview on the main screen (previously entry required navigation to the details screens)
  • Change all supplier: Supplier Number on first Shopping Cart line replicated to all other text items in shopping cart
  • Search results for supplier will return values for Name 1, Name 2, and Name 3(assuming name fields are populated)
  • Inquiry Button has been moved between the Accept and Reject Buttons

New Security Role:

  • Department Administrator: security role allows department administrator to perform personalization for Buy@Duke users in their department (send request for this role to

Purchase Order:

  • Purchase Order: shoppers can view the PO output to see date and time purchase order was sent to the vendor