Time & Attendance System Issues Reported and Resolved

February 5, 2013

In response to your recent calls and emails, Corporate Payroll Services would like to update you on two system issues that have now been resolved.

Lost Approval of Exempt Employee Time Cards

On Monday, February 4th, departments reported an issue with lost approvals for previously approved exempt employee timecards. Investigation determined that this problem was related to a system update that was processed on January 10th and only affected January timecards for exempt employees. The Administrative Systems Management team worked with the vendor and applied a temporary correction to the system last evening. As a result, Corporate Payroll Services is extending the deadline for the monthly close of the January period to 8:00 AM Wednesday, February 6, so that supervisors can complete the approval process.

Special Code Number for No Lunch at the Badge Reader

On Friday February 1st an issue was reported that badge readers were not accepting the 999 number for the No Lunch special code. This resulted in nonexempt (biweekly) employees not being able to enter “no lunch” at the badge reader on the last swipe of the day. A new code number, 99, has been set up in the system and is available for use. This will allow employees to make these entries at the badge reader rather than having to put in a request through the system.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to your day to day operations. We appreciate the emails and calls that allowed us to investigate the problem and respond accordingly.

Please contact Corporate Payroll Services at time-attendance@duke.edu