Time and Attendance Upgrade

August 13, 2018

We would like to share updates related to an upcoming Time and Attendance upgrade scheduled on Wednesday, September 5. Employees will be able to record time using badge readers. TimeCall and QuickBadge will not be available. A list of high level enhancements/features are listed below. This upgrade is comprised of aesthetic changes with only a few minor enhancements for the users.

  • Aesthetic changes include changes to the color scheme and fonts.
  • The Home Screen – The My Benefits Balances Card – Provides easy access for employees to view time off balances and to submit a calendar request for payment of time off.
  • Transaction List Actions available on the Time Card Screen (TCS) have been simplified.
  • A Filter Criteria option is available at the top of LaborViews. When open you can search for an employee by name or DUID.  This will be helpful to editors/approvers of large departments. 
  • In many sections of the tool, a filter is available at the top of the page that filters data as you begin to type making it easier to get to the information you need.
  • The “clear” and “reset” buttons were removed for the employee search.  The new display includes basic and advanced searches.
  • On the Monthly Calendar, employees can use the left mouse click to select consecutive days and choose the add a calendar request option. 
  • Using the exceptions tray, clicking on the clock or the calendar will highlight exceptions in the transactions list making the exceptions very easy to find.

Although there are only a few minor enhancements to the tool, all online training resources including videos have been updated to reflect the new display. The information will be posted to the website on August 31, 2018. A reminder communication with the links to the training resources will be distributed once the information is posted.

We appreciate your support with this initiative. If you have specific questions related to these messages, please email Corporate Payroll Services at time-attendance@duke.edu