Time and Attendance Email Notification of Unapproved Time Cards

April 8, 2013

Corporate Payroll Services in conjunction with Administrative Systems Management is implementing an email notification for unapproved timecards.  This email will be generated automatically to approving supervisors beginning Monday, April 8th at 6:00pm, continuing each Monday evening after every pay period close.  The following information will be included in the email: Employee name, number of critical messages if any, and a reminder of the deadline for approving time.  A sample message is listed below. The link that is included in the email is not functioning consistently so we suggest that you do not use it.  Please access the Time and Attendance system using your normal method through Duke@work or using http://time.oit.duke.edu/apihealthcare.

Please note the current 3:00 PM email communication to department payroll reps from Corporate Payroll Services on Time Card Mondays will be discontinued with this change. Department Payroll representatives can access this same information by running a report entitled List of Unapproved Time Cards in the Custom Report section of the system.

We are excited about this change as we continue to provide enhancements to the process.  We appreciate your continued support.  If you have additional questions or need clarification, you may email us at time-attendance@duke.edu