SAP Security Maintenance Tool Org Unit Changes

July 31, 2014

The new SAP Security Maintenance Tool has been up and running for just about a month now.  So far, over 600 requests have been initiated and approved/rejected.  Thanks to all of you for attending the Security Initiator sessions and helping make the go-live of Phase II possible.  We wanted to notify you of one issue that we have encountered and our temporary work-around.

There is one function in the system that is not working as intended.  When edits are made on the Organizational Unit tab, the request is overwriting the current access of the position/user, not updating the access (adding additional org units or removing specific org units).

Until a permanent solution can be made, we have implemented a temporary work-around.  You, as Initiators, should continue to make requests through the new tool as you have been.  We added an approval step at the end of the workflow process to send all PD Profile change requests to Accounting Systems Administration (ASA).  ASA will manually make these changes in the system so the position’s/user’s org unit access will not be overwritten.  However, ASA will close the request by rejecting it in the system.  This way, we are still recording requests and approvals for all PD Profile changes without Initiators changing their process.

You, as the Initiator, will receive a system generated email once the request is fully completed stating “Security Objects …… Rejected”.

Please note the comments from ASA let the Initiator know the requested Org Unit access has been granted and why the request was rejected.  Updates from SAP R/3 to push the manual changes to the Portal and other systems are done at 9am, noon, 3pm and midnight.

One other item that we received feedback on related to adding PD Profiles (org units) to a position/user.  To assist you with this process, we created Step-By-Step Instructions for adding PD Profiles (org units).  The instructions are attached for your convenience.  Not following these steps can cause your workflow request not to process.  Please refer to the procedures outlined in the Step-By-Step.

This email and other information about the SAP Security Maintenance tool including links to training materials are located aon the SAP Security Maintenance webpage.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.  Our departmental email is and our department phone line is 919-684-2752.