SAP Security Maintenance

May 9, 2014

This webpage has been created to assist SAP security administrators, request initiators and request approvers in understanding the new processes and procedures rolling out in relation to SAP security maintenance.  As new information and features are rolled out, information and links will be added to this page.

If you are looking for additional information not listed here, please contact Accounting Systems Administration at (919) 684-2752

Project Scope & Background

Goals and Objectives

Training Materials &Information


News & Updates

Adding PD Profile Step-By-Step  - August 4, 2014
PDF SAP Security Administrator Step-by-Step guide for adding/changing org unit (PD Profile) access has been added.

Org Unit (PD Profile) Change Requests - August 1, 2014
Temporary work around for OrgUnit changes...

SAP Security Maintenance Project - Go-Live - June 24, 2014
On Wednesday, June 25th the new request process will go-live...