Purchasing Goods and Services on Sponsored Projects

October 8, 2014

Important information for charging goods and services to restricted grants or contracts:

All departments purchasing goods and services on sponsored projects please note the posting of a new GAP and forms to support compliance and timeliness:

Of particular note to faculty and research administrators:

  • All payment terms are net 30 upon completion of milestones
  • A final invoice, marked “FINAL” must be submitted by Contractor NOT LATER THAN THIRTY (30) days after Agreement end date identified in Term of Agreement field.  Invoices received after this date may not be paid. 
  • Prior approval is imperative before execution of work
  • PIs and departments are responsible for ensuring compliance and may be accountable for funds not approved by federal agencies due to failure to obtain prior approval
  • The new RSSA form is required: the current OSA form will not be accepted for sponsored project purchasing
  • The RSSA requires use of Buy@Duke and Goods Receipt
  • Honoraria should be used judiciously and in accordance with GAP 200.130, Engaging and Paying Guest Speakers, Conference Participants and Honoraria Recipients.