Phase II Online Travel - Corporate Card Initiative Update

October 25, 2013

Now that we have officially launched the Phase II Online Travel – Corporate Card Initiative, we would like to share a few updates and reminders to assist you with this process. 

The communication process includes a number of email notifications to ensure all individuals who are handling the transactions, as well as those who should approve, are receiving updates at the appropriate steps in the process.  The email notification process is outlined below.

Email Notifications – Corporate Card Transactions

  • Each Monday, initiators will receive an email indicating their assigned employees have corporate card transactions to address which are less than 30 days old.  The email link takes initiators to the “Manage Corporate Card Transactions” page.
  • If Corporate Card transactions are not addressed for 30 days, card holders will also receive an email, indicating that action is necessary. 
  • In advance of the end of period write-off, an escalating email model is used. 
    • Initiators, Cardholders, TRaC Reps, Business Managers

Email Notifications for Approving Expense Reports

  • An email is sent to each approver once the expense report is initiated. 
  • Reminder emails are sent every 24 hours for three business days.
  • If the approver takes no action after the third business day, an email is sent to the initiator.
  • After the “no action email”, others will be engaged in the process.  These notifications will be trip specific.
    • 10 Day Reminder:  Email goes to Approver, Initiator, Employee, and TRaC Rep
    • 15 Day Reminder:  Email goes to Approver, Initiator, Employee, TRaC Rep and Business Manager
    • 20 Day Reminder:  Approver, Initiator, Employee, TRaC Rep, Business Manager, and Management Center


  • Please remember to bundle your corporate card transactions when preparing expense reports.  This is an important step to ensure that we minimize the number of expense reports that are routed for approval.
  • Many of you are reassessing your departmental assignments for initiators.  We appreciate that review and would like to ask that you allow 3-5 business days for processing these changes, due to the volumes of requests.  As a reminder, please coordinate these changes with your departmental business manager and TRaC representative.
  • If you are unsure of the designated TRaC representative in your department, the information is included on our website.

We appreciate everyone’s participation and support as we work through this transition.  If you have specific questions, please contact our team at