Online Travel Phase II: Corporate Card Initiative Update - 01/29/2014

January 29, 2014

Now that we have all been using the Phase II Online Travel – Corporate Card tool for a few months, we would like to share a few updates regarding the progress with the initiative.  We appreciate your support as we continue to implement efficiencies with the tool.

  • We have partnered with our colleagues in Administrative Systems Management to generate an email notification for Business Managers, TRaC Representatives, and Initiators to provide lists of all outstanding transactions that have not been approved for posting or have not been incorporated into an expense report for a specific period of time.  These email notifications will be distributed Thursday, January 30.  Please note that this is not a write off notification.  We wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to review the outstanding transactions and take necessary action prior to initiating a write off process.  We will keep you posted regarding the timing for any upcoming write offs.
  • We have developed a comprehensive list of the expense types and corresponding G/L accounts that apply to each of the travel and non-travel schemas.  These will be posted to the Employee Travel Website in the Reference Materials section by early next week.
  • We have assessed opportunities to minimize the number of email notifications for our cardholders.  As a result, we are revising the workflow process to move the cardholder approval after the department and funding source approvals, prior to the management center approvals, if applicable.  The programming efforts for this change are in progress.  We will distribute notifications when the new process is in place. 
  • We have compiled the list of all business managers for each department.  This list has been shared with the management centers.  The designation will be used to assign a role for reports, as well as for communications designated for business managers.
  • Phase II reports will be available for use by the business managers.  Instructions for using the reports will be included on the Employee Travel website.  We will distribute a notification once the roles have been assigned and the instructions are available.
  • If you are unsure of the designated TRaC representative in your department, the information is included on our website

We appreciate your continued feedback and partnership with this initiative.  If you have specific questions, please contact our team at