New Guidelines for Office Supply Purchasing

December 14, 2009
From: Jane Pleasants, AVP, Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Date:  December 14, 2009

RE:     New Guidelines for Office Supply Purchasing

As part of Duke's ongoing efforts to manage the current economic climate and advance our sustainability ideals, we are launching a new campaign called "Conserve Our Green". The program introduces new guidelines for purchasing office supplies through our business partner Corporate Express, which is now Staples Advantage.

These slight modifications to current office supply purchasing practices will result in immediate savings for the University & Health System.

The following is an overview of cost and resource reduction guidelines that are effective immediately:

  1. Although Corporate Express and Staples have merged, Duke discounted pricing is ONLY available by ordering from the E-way system ( and NOT in stores or at 
  2. Departments should plan to order office supplies no more than once weekly, using the Staples' E-way system ( 
  3. Duke, Staples and Hewlett-Packard (HP) have partnered together to provide the lowest pricing on toner cartridges. In addition to remanufactured cartridges, you can now purchase new toner cartridges through HP that offer very competitive pricing on products that are manufactured largely from recycled material. 
  4. If it is necessary to print or copy documents, duplex print when possible. Many of Duke's printers allow this function; however, it is not currently being fully utilized. This practice will significantly reduce the demand for paper supplies. 
  5. Redesign your E-way shopping list to include less-expensive, environmentally preferred product choices, which can be easily identified by a recycled icon in the E-way system. 
  6. You can help "Conserve Our Green" by eliminating excessive, small orders. As an incentive, Staples has agreed to offer a 1.25 percent discount on your online E-wayorder once your order reaches $50. The 1.25 percent discount will be reflected in your shopping cart once the order total exceeds $50.

Duke staff and faculty have the ability to make a significant impact through daily decisions. In an effort to maintain our presence as a leader in environmental sustainability while reducing our operating expenses, your cooperation and support of the "Conserve Our Green" campaign is greatly appreciated.

For more information about Green Purchasing, please email GreenPurchasing@duke.edu