Duke Migration from SAP R3 to SAP S4 Hana

March 12, 2024

Duke will upgrade from its current version of SAP (referenced as R3) to SAP S4 Hana (referenced as S4) in April. While this upgrade is primarily technical, it will cause SAP to be down for an extended period. Technical changes will result in underlying structural changes that will impact users across Duke.

Functions with changes impacting users are listed below. Resources covering transition details, training opportunities, Step-by-Step and Quick Reference guides, and demonstration videos are available for each area.

Please contact your manager if you have additional questions about how the transition may impact you.

Important note: Key operational systems will experience downtime to support this upgrade. The downtime will impact the entire Duke community. This includes all Duke@Work functions - Employee Self-Service, IForms, Buy@Duke, the Grants Management Tab, and other tools accessed through that site. Review the S4 Update Schedule page for more information.

S4 SAP Update | Administrative Systems | Duke

Due to the new Work Flow approval process for electronic requisitions (replacing the current Purchasing Group Release Strategy approvals), all requisitions that aren’t fully released by your department for processing by 5:00pm on Wednesday, 4/10/24 will need to be cancelled and recreated in the new SAP S4 system on Monday, 4/15. All SAP requisitions fully approved by Wednesday 5:00pm will be processed as normal.

Thank you in advance for your help as we transition to S4.