Change to Invoice Workflow Notification Process

February 6, 2014

Corporate Accounts Payable continues to identify opportunities for improvements with the problem invoice process.  We have received feedback from a number of areas requesting reminder notifications.  As a result, effective Wednesday, February 12, we will implement a revised problem invoice workflow notification process.  This will help support departmental oversight of invoices in a problem status.  The email reminder notification process will be consistent with the online Accounts Payable check request reminders.

An overview of these changes is noted below.

  • The original email notification will be sent as it is today when the following conditions occur.
    • an invoice blocks for goods receipt
    • a quantity discrepancy occurs between the invoice and purchase order
    • a framework purchase order exceeds the funding limits
    • an item on the invoice is missing from the purchase order
  • After seven days, if no action has been taken, the workflow recipient will receive a reminder email.
  • After the seven day reminder, an email will be sent every two days until the workflow has been completed.  This will ensure that we are addressing the invoice issues timely.
  • If there is a reason we should not pay the invoice, a timely reply to the workflow notification will ensure action is taken by Corporate Accounts Payable and Procurement Services.
  • If you feel that you receive the workflow notification in error, please contact your Department AP Representative.  The list of contacts by department is included on the Accounts Payable website.
  • If you are unsure of your departmental contact, please reply to the workflow using the “Back to AP with comments” radio button and indicate a new recipient should be identified.  Corporate Accounts Payable will contact the Department AP Representative to make the change.
  • Please do not reply to the system generated email notification.  Please execute the workflow in either the Universal Worklist or the SAP inbox.

A beneficial outcome of this change will support an online workflow status reporting tool currently in development.  The new tool will reflect the status of open invoices along with the responsible party.  Communications will be distributed once the report is in place.

As a reminder, Corporate Accounts Payable and Procurement Services are your partners who can assist with problem resolution, if your departments encounter vendor issues with the overall process. 

We appreciate your continued support with our ongoing business process changes.  If you have any questions, please contact Corporate Accounts Payable Customer Service at 919-684-3112 or email