2020 PostDoc Scholar Health Insurance Stipend Guidelines

November 27, 2019

Attached are the 2020 PostDoc Scholar Health Insurance Stipend Guidelines. The guidelines provide instructions for processing health insurance stipend payments and the new stipend dollar amounts for 2020. These new stipend amounts will need to be paid to PostDoc Scholars in December of 2019 since insurance premiums are paid one month in advance. Departments will need to submit Noncompensatory Change iForms for all PostDoc Scholars to reflect the new payment amounts with a start date of 12/1/2019 and an end date of 11/30/2020 or the end date of the current award if before the 11/30/2020 date.

Please note, all 2019 noncompensatory insurance payments are set to stop 11/30/2019. Every PostDoc Scholar will need to have a Noncompensatory Award iForms submitted and approved to ensure insurance payments are correct. Please confirm with PostDoc Scholars that they have made no changes to their health insurance during open enrollment prior to submitting stipend payments.

As a reminder, Noncompensatory iForms for the December payment cycle are to be submitted and approved by noon on 12/06/2019.

Thank you for your assistance in issuing payments to Duke’s PostDoc Scholars. If you have any questions, please contact Corporate Payroll Services at 684-2642.