Travel by Non-Commercial Aircraft

I. Purpose
II. Roles & Responsibilities
III. Procedures
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This policy covers travel by non-commercial aircraft for University business.



Duke University discourages its employees from flying their own planes, flying borrowed or leased planes, or chartering planes for travel on University business. Since such modes of travel may occasionally be necessary, they are permitted under the below conditions.



  1. The employee must obtain advance approval from the Executive Vice President, who must be satisfied that the proposed mode of transport is more economical or more convenient than commercial air travel, or is otherwise not detrimental to the University. Reimbursement for such travel will be in accordance with customary University policies but many not exceed reimbursement rates for commercial air travel without advance approval from the Executive Vice President.
  2. The Corporate Risk Management Office (CRM) will review the travel plans to insure that the following requirements of the University’s CRM non-owned aircraft liability insurance policy are met:

    1. The owner of the aircraft must provide to the CRM Office satisfactory evidence of current insurance with a minimum combined single limit of $5 million and no passenger limitation.
    2. In all cases in which employees are flying their own or leased planes and, whenever possible, where planes are chartered, Duke University will be named as an additional insured on the aircraft owner’s policy. Employees owning planes should be aware that the aircraft owner’s insurance is primary (e.g., its limits must be exhausted before the University’s insurance begins).
    3. All scheduled landings must be made at airports with paved runways.
    4. Small planes (single-engine or two-engine planes with limited navigational equipment) shall not land at the following municipal airports:

      New York, LaGuardia
      New York, Kennedy
      Newark, New Jersey
      Atlanta, Hartsfield
      Miami, Florida
      Jacksonville, Florida

      Washington Reagan
      Dallas, Love Field
      Detroit, Metro
      Chicago, O’Hare
      Denver, Stapleton
  3. The approvals in 1 and 2 above may be granted on a blanket basis for recurring trips – e.g., the weekly chartering of a plane to fly Medical School faculty and residents to Cabarrus Memorial Hospital. Such blanket approval must be in writing, specifying the conditions under which it applies.
  4. Unexpected circumstances may require exceptions to this policy in rare cases. Such exceptions may only be granted by a University officer.




Effective Date: May, 1991
Review/Revision: N/A
History: N/A