If the five (5) week period has gone by and there are questions about the Symposium credits, please contact OERAF at ResearchFinanceEd@duke.edu.

Quizzes are available through Duke's Learning Management System (LMS) and are assigned via the Concur TRaC Rep Curriculum found in your "In Progress" Learning in the LMS.  Duke employees must officially enroll in the certification to access the curriculum.  

Quizzes are available through Duke's Learning Management System (LMS) and are assigned via the Concur TRaC Rep Curriculum found in your "In Progress" Learning in the LMS.  Duke employees must officially enroll in the certification to access the curriculum.  

The certification exam is offered once per month and held virtually.  The exam schedule is posted in the LMS and includes participants from all certification tracks.  Once you've completed your curriculum (course attendance and quizzes), reach out to the Curriculum Leader who can send you the final exam registration link.

The length of the Financial Certification Program depends on the Specialty. Participants in the Financial Systems Specialist, the Procure to Pay Specialist, the Certified Payroll Representative and the Concur TRaC Representative have six months to complete the course work and all course exams. The final Certification Exam can be taken outside the six-month window; however, an individual is not certified until he/she passes the final exam.

Each of the individual Certification Programs offers comprehensive training to strengthen skills and ensure depth of knowledge in an area of expertise. Certification will enhance your ability to ensure financial compliance and accountability, skills vital to the Duke financial environment. Raising your job skills effectively should then favorably impact your performance evaluations. Certification in a chosen career path provides a credential recognized and respected in the Duke community.

The Concur TRaC Rep Certification Program is designed to train individuals currently in financially related roles at Duke. If you are interested in a financial role at Duke, you should seek a job with financial responsibility and then enroll in the certification program.

  • Candidates preregister for a FCP Specialty of interest (e.g. Financial Systems, Human Resources/Payroll/Concur Expense Reporting, etc.).
  • The Curriculum Leader assesses eligibility.
  • Curriculum Leader sends a Contract of Enrollment to the candidate and his/her listed supervisor. Also provided are expectations for both employee and supervisor.
  • Supervisor and Participant sign Contract of Enrollment for program participation. Submission of signed contract verifies confirmation of registration information and agreement to terms of participation.
  • Curriculum Leader enrolls the candidate in FCP and sends confirmation notification to the candidate and supervisor.
  • The participant is emailed a verification notice and commitment expectations reminder

** Enrollment is not guaranteed until a candidate has received a Confirmation of Enrollment from the Curriculum Leader of the FCP Specialty of interest


Employees may complete two tracks at one time. However, each Specialty is demanding and is condensed into a short time frame. Therefore, participants enrolling in two Specialties must be fully cognizant of their time commitments and the Failure to Attend Charge.

Course evaluations are available online to provide anonymity. Duke University Financial Services welcomes and appreciates all feedback in an effort to continue to provide excellent programming. We wish to protect your identity in an effort to solicit honest and thoughtful reflection on the course content, delivery, and value.

Your certificate will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the Certification Exam.

The Financial Certification Program is open to any Duke University employee who fulfills the following qualifications:

  • Full-time employee of Duke University or Duke University Health System.
  • Employed by Duke University or Duke University Health System for a minimum of six (6) months.
  • Has relevant professional responsibilities at Duke, i.e. technical component of job.  For the TRaC Rep Certification, this includes the business unit TRaC Representative, the backup TRaC Representative, or an expense delegate in the business unit. 
  • Has the approval of their supervisor to participate. 

You will risk losing your Certification status if you do not meet the recertification requirements. Please speak to the Curriculum Leader of your Specialty to make arrangements if you cannot complete a recertification requirement. 

All participants have six months to complete the program. If you are unable to do so, you must register again and restart the certification program.

The FCP Curriculum Leaders will make eligibility decisions on an individual basis. Family medical leave is excused; therefore, the Curriculum Leader will work with you to resume your Certification schedule.

A participant who scores above 50% competency but below 80% competency may attempt to take the End of Course Quiz a second time without taking the entire course. You will need to retake the class if you do not pass the quiz with 80% competency on the second try.

Classes taken within one year of FCP enrollment may be grandfathered in for credit. You must pass the End of Course exam with 80% competency to gain credit for this class. If you do not pass, you may take the exam one more time. If you still do not pass, you must take the course over.

You must register for the program and pass the End of Course Quizzes. If you demonstrate 80% competency, you will not be required to take the classroom portion again. This applies to the Financial Systems Specialist track, the Certified Payroll Representative track, the Procure to Pay Specialist track, and the Concur TRaC Representative track. Please speak to the Curriculum Leader in the area of Specialty you wish to study for more information.

You should schedule an appointment with your Curriculum Leader. Based on your scores and areas of deficiency, your Curriculum Leader may recommend you retake the exam or direct you toward the courses you need to repeat to boost your knowledge in that particular area.

The Certification Exam will be offered virtually once per month. The Certification Exam schedule is posted in the LMS and is open to all certification tracks. Once you complete your curriculum (attend all courses and complete quizzes), reach out to the Curriculum Leader, who will provide the link to register for the final exam.   

End-of-course quizzes will be available in the assigned curriculum in the LMS once you attend the course. You may take the online quiz at your discretion. Quizzes for all courses must be completed before registering for the final exam. 

Yes. During the Certification Exam, participants can use class material, Financial Services/Concur websites, and SAP. Participants will have three hours to complete the exam. After three hours, unanswered questions will count against the participant's final score.

NO. You must use the dedicated Zoom URL issued when registering for the sessions. Using someone else's link means you will appear under their name in the attendance reports and block the owner from joining the session. 

We recommend you register again if you cannot find your Zoom URL or open your Zoom account at https://duke.zoom.us/meeting#/ to see your existing registration URLs.

Contact ResearchFinanceEd@duke.edu if you are unable to re-register.

There are several possible causes. 

  • The Duke Unique ID (DUID) you provided during registration was entered incorrectly. The list of attendees' DUIDs is the basis of how credit is uploaded into the LMS. Entering the wrong information will prevent your CE from being listed on your transcript.
  • You joined using another individual's Zoom URL instead of your own. Using someone else's Zoom link lists you in the attendance reports as that other person. We cannot confirm your attendance or give CE if you don't join the session using your registration link.
  • You left a session early and did not receive full credit for staying the entire session. Credit is prorated based on how long you spend in the session. 
  • OERAF has not fully processed all the CE in the LMS. Please allow 5 weeks for processing time. 

Make sure to use the Net ID@duke.edu email addresses to register. Duke Zoom accounts are issued using that email format and the system will not recognize your account otherwise. 

Do not use first.last@duke.edu, name@mc.duke.edu, or any other derivative.

The confirmation emails include a link to cancel your registration. Search for "You can cancel your registration at any time," and click the Cancel link.

  1. Log in to Zoom before the session using your Duke credentials
  2. Update your Display Name to include your NetID (e.g. John Doe jdoe123)
  3. Join the session with the link in the Zoom registration confirmation email or Outlook Event (.ics) file download

More information is available in our Zoom Guide for Symposium Attendees

  1. Using the wrong ID or mistyping your Duke Unique ID at registration. This is an 7-digit ID number, not your alphanumeric Net ID. Find yours in the Duke Directory.
  2. Using someone else's registration link to join a session instead of your own. Doing so lists you as the owner of the URL and not yourself in attendance reports.
  3. Joining by phone only and not using a computer to watch the session. Phone-only access is not tracked in attendance reports.

Although you can access the Delta discount portal through the link on the Procurement website, having a linked SkyMiles account will activate the discount from the main Delta.com website from anywhere via a web browser. No additional authentication is needed.

SkyMiles account holders also accrue points that are redeemable through Delta Airlines for flights and other travel benefits.

As shown below, “Exclusive Discount Program: Duke University” will be displayed on your screen. You must login with your SkyMiles account.

Display of Delta website with Duke University discount indicated


Discount rates with Delta vary according to type of travel (coach, economy, business class) and destinations. However, you should see a lower Duke rate than other rates available to you when you are booking on Delta.com.

The Delta website does not display the “Exclusive Discount Program” message until you begin searching for flights.

Yes. You must log in each time with your linked SkyMiles account on the Delta website in order to receive the Duke discount.

Duke does not offer a public access retail store. Approved non-profit organizations and Duke Staff may visit the Surplus Donation Site at specified times. Please email Surplus(link sends e-mail) to request the current donation calendar or check the availability of a specific item.

Duke has contracted with a third party Supplier Information Management company, SupplierGATEWAY, due to their experience in providing and hosting Supplier Registration sites and providing comprehensive data analytics.

A notice is sent to the system support team when you see an error message.  Please send an email to support@suppliergateway.com with as many details as possible regarding what you were doing when the error message appeared such as “updating me profile”.  If you are able to, paste a screenshot of the page you were on when the error occurred.  You may have to use the “back” button on your browser to return to the page.

When you registered in the system as the primary contact for your organization, you received an email containing an 8 character “Registration Key” consisting of numbers and letters.  Other members of your organization can register for a secondary account using this key on a site with the “Register Key” option.  They will only be required to provide contact information about themselves; they will not need to complete a full registration.  The primary contact must approve secondary accounts, and once approved, their login ID and password will immediately be emailed.