Tuition Refund Insurance

Duke has arranged with A.W.G. Dewar Inc. to offer the Tuition Refund Plan to our students to minimize the financial portion of losses incurred when a student suffers a serious illness or accident and has to leave Duke before the semester is completed. This elective insurance program provides significant coverage for tuition, room and board charges.*

Tuition Refund Insurance Plans are in place for the following programs:

  • Undergraduate (Trinity & Pratt Engineering)**
  • Duke Law School
  • Fuqua School of Business
    • Weekend Executive MBA
    • Global Executive MBA
    • Daytime MBA

The insurance program extends and enhances the University's published refund policy. For a qualifying medical event, you are assured of a refund of covered charges throughout the term even after the University's own refund policy has expired. This can be especially beneficial when a student is forced to withdraw and then return for a later term. Applications cannot be accepted on or after the 1st day of classes.

Please contact Dewar directly at (617) 774-1555, if you have any questions regarding the Tuition Refund Plan. For more information, or to enroll, please visit


*room and board charges are covered in the Undergraduate Tuition Refund Plan only.

**coverage is limited to tuition and undergraduate room and board charged by Duke University. Students in non-Duke study away programs should contact their host institution to determine whether or not tuition insurance options are available.