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Position Management
Position Management is handled though iForms and is a concept of position ownership by departments or major units, allowing them to better track and manage positions. Every position at Duke has a unique identifying number known as a "position management number" which will stay with the position throughout its "life" and is independent of the employee who may be filling the position. iForms is used for the processes of creating, modifying, deleting or reorganizing a position.
A Project outlines all the pieces or steps of a project, including the Project Definition and the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) in both a graphic and spreadsheet type format. At Duke, a Project is defined as any "fund code" with a beginning and ending date. Therefore, all fund codes beginning with 3xx and 7xx are managed as Projects in the PS module. These include the restricted funds, clinical trials (Duke Clinical Research Institute - DCRI), construction funds, and capital acquisitions (mainly for the Health system Company Codes 0020-0060).
Project Costs
All allowable costs, as set forth in the applicable sponsors cost principles, incurred by a recipient and the value of the contributions made by third parties in accomplishing the objectives of the award during the project period.
Project Definition
The framework laid down for all of the objects created within a project. The Project Definition contains dates and other organizational information that is binding for the entire project.