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Organizational (Org.) Code
Departmental position code within the company code structure.
Also referred to as "BFR Code".

The BFR code is a series of ten digit codes within the General Ledger that provides a five level organizational hierarchy structure. Every position and cost object at Duke will be linked to a BFR code at some level in the hierarchy.
Organizational Unit
An organizational unit is an eight-digit number that represents the hierarchical organizational structure with regards to HR and Payroll in the SAP system. For example, these eight-digit numbers can represent a department within the School of Medicine or a school within the Provost area. One example of an organizational unit is 50000393, which represents Cardiology within the Department of Medicine.

The term Organizational Units pertains to the HR and Payroll functions for both the University and Health System companies, while the term Org. Units pertains to a similar concept of a hierarchical structure for financial reporting purposes for Duke University.