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BFR (Budget and Financial Reporting) Code
Departmental position code within the company code structure.
Also referred to as "Organizational (Org.) Code".

The BFR code is a series of ten digit codes within the General Ledger that provides a five level organizational hierarchy structure. Every position and cost object at Duke will be linked to a BFR code at some level in the hierarchy.
Budget Incentive Agreement/Formula
Series of agreements established by the Provost's Office, Medical Center, or President in conjunction with the Executive Vice President, whereby a school/organization will share any surplus to budget, consequently the school will also be held accountable for any deficit to budget.
Budget Process
1. Prepare forecast to test assumptions and establish tuition and enrollments.
2. Give departments an opportunity to request funds and set rates according to department's operational requirements.
3. Give Senior Officer's the flexibility to evaluate requests and shift resources according to priorities established by each sector.
4. Consolidate the Budget. If bottom line problem exists, turn back over to Senior Officer for resolution.
5. Present balanced budget to the Board of Trustees for approval.