FY17/18 Salary Setting for CAMC Departments

The salary setting tool will open on Monday, May 1st and will be available to all CAMC departments until Friday, June 2nd. Subsequently, performance ratings and salary recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Vice President for review and approval. We will notify departments after approval is received so that pay increases can be communicated to employees prior to July 1, 2017.

General Guidelines

Based on the performance evaluations of each employee, departments generally have flexibility to provide salary increases within an overall salary pool of 2.5% as follows:

Needs Improvement1
1.0% - 2.5%
2.5% or greater

1 This category may also apply to those who are new to Duke or to a position within Duke or to those who have new or expanded duties
2 2.5% or greater on individual positions while adhering to the 2.5% overall salary pool

Any pay increase that exceeds 5.0% will be flagged for review by Dr. Trask. Staff employed for at least 90 days but less than 6 months will be eligible for one-half of the eligible increase, based on the merit increase guidelines above. Employees hired after April 1st are not eligible for an increase.

All pay ranges will increase by 2% and pay range updates will be reflected in the salary setting tool. Staff should not be paid below the minimum of their assigned salary range. Therefore, each time the salary setting tool is opened, the system will identify and adjust pay rates on staff members who are below the range minimum. Those with rates that are below the minimum will be adjusted to the FY18 minimum pay rate automatically, with no impact to the calculated 2.5% merit pool. Subsequently, merit increases can be applied.

Please ensure pool dollars are allocated appropriately and that a corresponding performance rating is assigned to all exempt and non-exempt employees. Also, please use the comment feature in the salary setting tool to explain pay decreases or extraordinary increases.

For units that have an employee for which the salary is determined by Dr. Trask, please set their new salary equal to the current salary and approve to the management center level along with the rest of your completed salary requests. We will enter the new salary into the salary setting tool as soon as it is communicated from Dr. Trask.  We will send confirmation once this transaction has taken place.

The Duke@Work salary setting tool is fully integrated with iForms. Therefore pending payroll and HR transactions (new hires, transfers, rate changes, etc.) are automatically identified and linked to salary setting. This integration should reduce the need for pay rate changes between June 2nd and July 1st.

Salary setting is the appropriate tool for processing 7/1 pay increases, therefore, please do not submit 7/1 rate change iForms before June 24th. Rates from the salary setting tool will be loaded to payroll on June 23rd, with an effective date of 7/1.  The rate in salary setting will override any iForm rate change transaction with an effective date of 7/1 that is initiated prior to the payroll load on June 23rd. If an iForm needs to be processed to change a rate effective 7/1, you must process the iForm as follows:

For biweekly employees: Between 6/24 and 7/5, by 5pm
For monthly employees: Between 6/24 and 7/14, by 5pm

Local 77 and Local 1328 bargaining units are in contract negotiations. After negotiations are complete, July 1 rates for affected employees will be populated in the salary setting tool, according to the approved contract rate table.

Step by step instructions for using the salary setting tool are available at the SAP website.