Budget Management

Preparation of the University's annual unrestricted operating budget is coordinated by the office of Budgeting and Cost Allocations. The Budget tab accessible in Duke@Work is the tool used by University departments for budget development, modifications, and projections.

Budget Development

Budget development within the online Budget tool is used to budget exempt and non-exempt positions, re-org positions for the annual budget, budgeting for non-position expenses, and developing multi-year budgets. Please refer to the step by step instructions for further information.

Budget Modifications

Budget modifications can be made on a monthly basis in order to move the budget between cost objects and commitment items, or to re-spread the annual budget among the different monthly “buckets,” in order to more accurately reflect actual amounts. As in the past, all budget modifications to the current unrestricted (1xx) funds must be balanced. Moreover, all budget modifications must be approved by your management center. (The approval process will be built into the STS workflow process in Budget tool).

Budget Projections

Budget projections are completed in the Spring and the Fall. You may view the step by step instructions on projecting your budget for further clarification.

Using the Budget Tool

The Budget tool (may be referenced as PBF) is a web-based module accessed by users from Duke@Work.