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Date of Purchase
In reference to Fixed Income Securities: The date the order was executed for the purchase of the securities (i.e., the "trade date" of the transaction as distinguished from the "settlement date").
Deferred credits
Deferred credits represent revenue received by Duke University that has not yet been earned.
Amounts that are calculated to record the decline in value of the operating funds. Duke records depreciation for capital assets, equipment, and buildings.
Direct Codes
Costs directly attributable to a specific project or activity. Examples are salaries & wages, supplies, equipment, personnel benefits, etc.
In reference to Fixed Income Securities: The excess of the par or face value of a fixed income security over the amount paid for the security, excluding purchased interest.
Distributed Expenses
The process by which the costs incurred by components of the University (while providing a service) are charged to the components receiving the benefit.
The process by which costs expended by certain departments for the benefit of other departments are transferred to those other departments.
Document Type
The Document Date is the date in which the business transaction for the Document. A Document Type is a two-digit alpha code that helps to identify the type of Document being created or displayed for a transaction in SAP. The Document Type can be found in the header of a Document and also in column on most line item reports.

A few common examples are listed below:
NB = Regular or "normal business" Purchase Requisition
SA = A manually keyed journal entry (journal voucher)
KN = Net Vendor, an invoice entered into SAP that DOES NOT reference to a Purchase Order document number, usually indicating a "standing order".
RN = Net Vendor Invoice, an invoice entered into SAP that references to a Purchase Order document number.
WA = Goods Issue indicating that materials have been issued from Inventory.
Duke Student
On forms, a Duke Student is defined as:
1. A person working toward a degree at Duke University registered in a full-time program (3 or more courses) whose primary purpose at Duke is to be a student.
2. A person in the Graduate School or Professional Schools qualifies as registered in a full-time program if registered
--A. For a minimum of three units after passing the preliminary examination for a doctoral degree, or
--B. For less than nine units to complete requirements for a master's degree
3. A person who is primarily an employee, and is taking courses at Duke on a part-time basis, does not qualify as a "Duke Student".