23xxxx: Deposits

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Deposits represent amounts paid to Duke University, which will be refunded if specified conditions are not met or reclassified as revenue when appropriate.


231800 Patient Refund Clearing Account (Valid For: DUHS)
This account will be used as part of the refund process. It will function similar to a cash clearing account.
231801 Other Payor Refund (Valid For: DUHS)
To post accruals related to the potential refunds owed to third party payors based on third party payor contracts.
231802 DRaH DCI Tiger Patient Refund Clearing (Valid For: DRH)
This account is the refund clearing account for the AR managed by McKesson for the outpatient cancer business (formerly Cancer Centers of North Carolina).
231900 Patient Service Deposits (Valid For: DUHS)
232000 Police Employee Deposits (Valid For: Univ)
Represents deposits made by Duke Police employees to the Duke Police offices retirement plan. These funds are subsequently transferred to one of Duke employees retirement plan (9526050.)
235000 Marine Laboratory Deposits (Valid For: Univ)
Represents class, dorm, apartment, key and phone deposits made by students at Duke University Marine Lab.
235500 Admission Deposits: Undergraduate (Valid For: DUHS, Univ)


Represents deposits for Sallie Mae Duke signature select loans. These are student loans through Sallie Mae for which Duke University is the custodian.

237500 Signature Select Loan: Bad Debt Reserve (Valid For: Univ)
237600 Signature Select Loan: Medical School (Valid For: Univ)
237700 Signature Select Loan: Law School (Valid For: Closed)
237800 Signature Select Loan: Graduate School (Valid For: Closed)
237900 Signature Select Loan: Fuqua School of Business (Valid For: Closed)
238000 Signature Select Loan: Nicholas School of the Environment (Valid For: Univ)
238100 Signature Select Loan: Divinity School (Valid For: Univ)
238200 Signature Select Loan: School of Nursing (Valid For: Closed)
239000 Sundry Deposits (Valid For: DUHS, Univ)
Represents miscellaneous required deposits received by Duke University that will either be returned to the depositor or absorbed as revenue at a future date, whichever is applicable.